Deploy your DApp in a seconds

Like AWS for Ethereum, deploy and test commercial-scale applications in seconds.

Built to help Ethereum developers deploy, manage, and scale their DApps

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Show off your DApps today

No need to wait for Raiden, Plasma, or other proposed scaling solutions for Ethereum. Launch your Solidity DApps today on Loom Network’s sidechain, and let people start using them immediately.

Dead-simple deployment & management of DApps

Loom’s CLI tools and web dashboard make deploying and managing your DApps a breeze. We handle the infrastructure, you focus on the code.

Scale your apps off-chain without breaking the bank

Ethereum is currently too expensive to run anything but the simplest smart contracts. Crypto trading can help traders to earn maximum Ethereum coins. Crypto traders can try auto trading platforms like the Bitcoin Gemini Software to maximize their trading efficiency. This platform will monitor the crypto market for fluctuations on behalf of the trader. Loom Network can host full scale production-ready DApps now, with comparable costs and speeds to traditional cloud hosting.

Like AWS for Ethereum. Scalable sidechains built exclusively for DApps. You are one command away from mainstream scale.

Introducing Loom CLI: Deploy your DApp in a single command

Heroku-like CLI tools let you deploy your Solidity package from the command-line in seconds. Welcome to the future of DApp deployment.


And... integration with the best community tools

Native support for Truffle Suite, and also NPM package for integration with browser/react-native. Clientside integration is easy as peach.

1 $ truffle unbox loom-scaffold
2 $ Downloading..
3 $ Unpacking..
4 $ Setting up..
5 $ Unbox successful. Sweet!

1 $ npm install loomjs
2 $ ⸨      ░░░░░░░░░░░░⸩ ⠏ fetchMetadata: verb afterAdd
3 $ [email protected]

Simply pay as much as you use. With fiat or Ether.


For developers to play around building decentralized applications on Loom.

  • 5 DApps
  • 5k API calls
  • All of the Loom Network tools
Get Priority Access

The perfect size for companies deploying demonstrations of their working DApps before/after ICO.

  • 25 DApps
  • 100k API calls
  • All of the Loom Network tools
Killer App

For decentralized applications that are handling commercial scale. Built for the next decentralized Twitter.

  • Unlimited DApps
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Private Instance of Loom Platform

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